Whether you are a commercial property developer, or moving home, as an experienced independent bridging loan broker we can find the right bridging loan fast for you. For an instant quote, try our bridging finance calculator, or give us a call.

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Bridging Loans Manchester

Cash flow options

What is a bridging loan? Bridging finance is a short term finance option which could make the difference between being able to purchase a property, or not. There are many reasons why you might opt for one. Perhaps there is a block in your housing chain, or an urgent commercial need to complete the purchase. Or you want to put in an offer on that perfect home before you have formally sold your existing property.

Bridging Finance Manchester

Competitive edge

Given the costs associated with property transactions, a bridging loan could be one financing option. As you’d expect, the market for them has increased over the past few years especially in places where the property market is hotly competitive. Therefore it is important that you research which loan company offers you the best bridging loan rates.

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Given that time is of the essence in property matters, our responsiveness throughout the entire loan process is assured. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround time, from your first contact to final release of funds. Your dedicated account manager will process your application immediately and get an agreement in principal to you within hours.

Cash Flow Options

An affordable solution

Bridging loan have a reputation for being an expensive way of accessing instant finance. They are not designed for long-term borrowing periods, and neither are they a way of assisting customers in financial difficulties. But we offer customers excellent lending rates with flexible repayment terms for your ultimate convenience.

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There is always risk regarding property transactions, however bridging loan are offered in relatively secure circumstances. We pride ourselves on our high approval rate because we know both our clients and our lenders. Our clients come to us against a background of mortgage checks, impeccable credit histories, and predictable incomes. Your borrower profile and proposed exit strategy will reflect the overall cost of the bridging loan but as brokers, we will get the best deal for you.

About us

Bridging Loan Fast is an experienced independent bridging loan brokerage service. We were established in 2016 and are made up of serveral qualified financial services professionals. They spotted an opportunity to bridge their own gap in the market, and have since built up an industry reputation for openness, responsiveness, and efficiency.

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